The­ra­peu­ti­cal Focal Point

  • Infants and child­ren with neu­ro­lo­gi­cal abnor­ma­li­ties / move­ment dis­or­ders (ICP, dys­ki­ne­sia syn­dro­mes, mus­cle disea­ses …)
  • Infants and child­ren with deve­lop­men­tal delays of unknown cause
  • Tre­at­ment of pre­ma­ture infants
  • Infants with posi­tio­nal and move­ment asym­me­tries like KISS, tor­ti­col­lis (Wryneck), slope syn­drome, infant sco­lio­sis
  • Foot defor­mi­ties such as tali­pes (pigeon toe), club­foot, clim­bing foot, cal­ca­neus-val­gus, plano-val­gus (flat­foot)…
  • Infan­tile colic (screa­ming babies)
  • Paren­tal coun­sel­ling regar­ding the pro­mo­tion of healthy deve­lop­ment, even in infants wit­hout deve­lop­men­tal delays
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